Cancelling a Parent Conference Appointment Using School-Day’s Parent Mobile Website

School-Day’s Parent Conference feature makes appointment booking simple. This article provides Parents with step by step instructions for cancelling an appointment using School-Day’s Parent Mobile Website. If you wish to change an appointment, you can easily cancel your original booking and then re-book a new appointment.

  • 1

    To access your Parent-Teacher Conference schedule, log into School-Day.

  • 2

    Tap the three-line menu icon found on the top left side of your dashboard and tap Parent Conferences.

  • 3

    Tap on the date of the Conference itself to access the schedule for booking.

  • 4

    Tap on Cancel Booking for the appointment you would like to change or cancel. All booked appointments will appear in green and will display the teacher, location, and time of the conference.

  • 5

    Tap OKAY to confirm cancellation.