Creating a School-Day Account

To use School-Day as a Parent, you must first create a Parent account and then add a student to your account. The following instructions pertain to creating the account and once completed you will be required to follow the instructions for adding a student by Secure Match Key. To create a School-Day account:

  • 1

    Go to the main School-Day website at

  • 2

    Click on Register.

  • 3

    Complete the requested information and be sure to include a valid email address.

  • 4

    If you wish to change your default language to French, click on the Français link. This will change the default system language only. Content will appear in the language in which it is created by the content creator. Emails will be sent according to the school profile language.

  • 5

    Due to CASL compliance laws, users must opt in to receive emails from the system.

    • Select Yes to receive email notifications about the latest Events, Products, Services, and Announcements sent from your school. Please note, you will only receive emails for items if the creator has opted to send emails upon creation of those items.
    • If you select No under Email Notifications, you will not receive email notifications.
  • 6

    When the requested information has been completed, click on Create Account .

  • 7

    Now that your Parent account has been created, you can add a student to your account using a Secure Match Key.

  • 8

    Alternatively, users with School-Day Parent accounts that are not Parents, such as an extended family member or a community member, are not required to add a student to their account to view and purchase public items from a school.

    • If this scenario applies to you, please click on the link provided or see related articles for more information about Joining A School.
  • 9

    Please note: a Parent account is the only account which can be created by a user independently. Teacher and School Administrator accounts cannot be created by a user in this manner.