Daily Summary & Real Time Email Notifications

School-Day is proud to offer a daily summary email for Parents. This feature helps Parents organize the many emails they receive throughout the day, by creating one single, easy-to-read summary.

  • 1

    Parents will receive a daily summary email containing all new Events, Products and Services created at a school that day.

    • The daily summary emails are created and queued throughout the course of the day, and will be sent to Parents starting at 8pm EST.
    • Emails generated by Announcements posted by Board Administrators will also be queued throughout the day and will be sent to parents at this time.
    • If a parent has students linked to their account at multiple schools or school boards, they will now receive a single summary email containing all activity at their schools.
  • 2

    The following email notifications are sent in real time.

    • Announcements – posted by school Administrators and Teachers
    • Announcements – posted by Board Administrators for individual schools
    • Receipts for payments made
    • Forgotten passwords
    • Event, Product and Fee reminders
    • Emails sent to school Administrators and Teachers
    • Emails related to Volunteer Requests