How to Select and Pay for a KWBS Music Program

In order to pay for a KWBS Music Program, you must first join the “KWBS Music Program” school, then search for the specific program you would like to pay for from the list of available products. To pay for a KWBS Music Program:

  • 1

    Log into your School-Day account at

  • 2

    Click on Schools and Groups, and then click on All Schools.

  • 3

    Type KWBS Music Program in the Search bar.

  • 4

    Click on the KWBS Music Program school name link.

  • 5

    On the school page, click Join School.

  • 6

    Click Join School again on the pop up to confirm.

  • 7

    Click on Dashboard to go to your School-Day dashboard.

  • 8

    Click on the Products tab to view all available KWBS Music Programs.

    • Please note, only members of schools who are linked to students have access to school or class Events, as well as Announcements. Members not linked to students can see only public Products and Services.
  • 9

    Type in the name of the Program you are searching for to narrow the product results within the KWBS Music Program school.

    • If there is an item you are looking for which you cannot find under the Products or Services tab, this means the item has not been posted, or the item is private. Schools post and control all content. Please contact the music school for more information.
  • 10

    Click on the name of the program you would like to purchase.

  • 11

    Enter the requested information in the form.

    • Please note you will need to fill in a form for each student for each program individually. Do not enter in the names of multiple students in the form.
  • 12

    Enter 1 into the Quantity box and click on Add To Cart.

  • 13

    Click on the cart icon on the top-right hand side of your dashboard once you are ready to Checkout.

  • 14

    Click on the Checkout button.

  • 15

    Click on Card Payments if you wish to pay via Visa, Visa Debit, MasterCard, or AMEX. You will be directed to the payment provider page where you will enter in your card details.

  • 16

    Click on Pay With Electronic Funds Transfer if you wish to pay via EFT.

    • For more information about paying via EFT, click on the link provided or see related articles.