Using Mobile Split Function

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve streamlined the ordering process on our mobile platform for Parents. Enhanced Product Forms allow parents to easily place food product orders for multiple dates and topping selections. Parents are now able to place orders for one or more students for the same items in just a few simple taps. Copy, Merge, and Split are new functions that reduce the amount of time parents spend entering options and form content for multiple students for the same items. Split two or more students when you need to make changes to option and form input after having Merged them. Split is available on Products only.

  • 1

    Using your mobile or desktop device, go to!/ and log in.

  • 2

    Merge 2 or more students. For more information on how to Merge students and when you should use this function, click on the link provided, or see related articles.

  • 3

    Tap on Split.

  • 4

    The names of the students linked to your account to whom the item is applicable will appear, however you will only be able to tap on those who you have Merged.

  • 5

    Tap the students you wish to split, then tap on Split.

  • 6

    The two students will no longer appear as Merged and will retain all options and form content.

  • 7

    Tap on the green options and forms section of any student if you wish to change the previously merged input.

  • 8

    Scroll up on the screen to review and edit any portion of the previously merged input, such as deselecting a pizza topping copied over which another student may not want.

  • 9

    Continue to edit merged content by scrolling up on the screen, until the Done option is displayed. Tap on Done when you have completed all edits.

  • 10

    Tap the Add To Cart option by each student once you are satisfied with all option and form content.

  • 11

    Alternatively, tap Copy or Merge if you wish to apply either function to available students.

    • For more information about the Copy and Merge functions, click on the links provided, or see related articles.