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Our Support Team is here to assist you! If you have questions about how to use our System or you encounter a technical problem, please contact us for assistance.

  • Submit a ticket from within the School-Day Application.
  • Send a detailed outline of your problem to support.ticket@school-day.com
  • Call our Support Desk at 1.855.253.1731 for 24/7 bilingual assistance
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Have a Great Summer!

We would like to extend our appreciation and thanks to everyone for using School-Day throughout the year! It has been our pleasure to work with each of you and provide our services.

Please note that the School-Day system will be placed in Read-Only Mode for system development over the summer, and unavailable completely from July 18 – 20 for system maintenance. Most users will be able to view any past information but will not be able to perform new actions. Updated school and student information will become available in September. If you have questions about the upcoming year, you can contact your school directly.

Our Support Team is available throughout the summer months. Should you require technical assistance, please submit a ticket, send an email to support@school-day.com or call us by phone at 1.855.253.1731. One of our representatives will be happy to assist you!

Please note: Our School-Day offices will be closed July 9 – July 13 inclusively, with only phone support available.

We wish everyone a safe and happy summer!

Introducing School-Day’s Parent Mobile Website

We’re working on a new mobile website for our Parent users! The new design is optimized for smaller screens and will make navigation on mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets faster, and easier.

With this first release, Parents can use their mobile device to view Announcements using our mobile website prototype. The prototype also includes a preview of features we plan to release over the coming months. Features will be added gradually over the remainder of this school year, building to a full release at the start of the next school year.

For more information about School-Day’s new Parent mobile website, click on the link provided.

We’re super excited to announce the release of our new Support Centre and Knowledgebase!

Effective, January 25, 2018 School-Day users can access information in one location, quickly and efficiently, in an online environment.

Our Knowledgebase has a new look, organized article content and advanced search capabilities! You are going to love finding answers to your questions and learning how to use School-Day with our new action-oriented step by step format. Users can access information relevant to their user type by logging into their account and going to the new Knowledgebase. To learn more about using our Knowledgebase, click on the link provided.

Please note that article content will continue to grow and evolve over time. Our goal is to complete the user guide content transfer by August 31, 2018 for all users. In the meantime, links to the Administrator, Teacher and Parent User Guides are available for your use.

We hope you enjoy using our new Support Centre and Knowledgebase!

School-Day is proud to offer new and improved email notifications for Parents!

Daily Summary Emails

School-Day has implemented a new daily summary email for Parents. We have introduced this change to help Parents better organize the many emails they receive throughout the day, by creating one single, easy-to-read summary.

  • Parents will receive a daily summary email containing all new Events, Products and Services created at a school that day.
  • The daily summary emails are created and queued throughout the course of the day, and will be sent to Parents starting at 8pm EST.
  • If a parent has students linked to their account at multiple schools or school boards, they will now receive a single summary email containing all activity at their schools.

Real Time Emails

The following email notifications will continue to be sent in real time.

  • Announcements
  • Receipts for payments made
  • Forgotten passwords
  • Event and Product reminders
  • Emails sent to school Administrators and Teachers